Afro-Futurist Manifesto



—for Bob Kaufman

1. I will speak about AFRO-FUTURIST men of letters—since I’m in the racket.

2. AFRO-FUTURIST writers use their hands & fingers for only one thing—internet publishing.

3. AFRO-FUTURIST writers spit Sci-Fi outta de Future into the faces of de Guttenberg whitey bourgeoisie.

4. AFRO-FUTURIST writers say fuck Borders, Barnes & Noble & de whole chain-bookstore publishing racket—including the racist, sexist, homophobic New York Times & the whole decrepit decadent East Coast print power culture mafia too.

5. In times of national peril, AFRO-FUTURISTS as Sci-Fi Realist Americans stand ready to drink themselves to death for their country.

6. AFRO-FUTURISTS watch TV, FOX-News, sit-coms & all the other garbage—only to ascertain its Abominable Stupidity.

7. AFRO-FUTURISTS believe that the only way to end religious bigotry—is to land a UFO Flying Saucer in the Beltway and in the Vatican. 

8. AFRO-FUTURISTS don’t write about the Future—they write about how much time we’ve got left now in this doomed fuckin Apocalyptic Present.

9. AFRO-FUTURISTS believe in their worst nightmare Dystopian Dreams before they come true—BEFORE they actually become real, cause then it be too late.

10. AFRO-FUTURISTS know that MATRIX, MINORITY REPORT, BLADE RUNNER, TOTAL RECALL & THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU—be totally, nefariously, insidiously in the P. K. DICK NOW, baby.