Zombies of the Stratosphere


"Voodoo Zombies of the Stratosphere"—
brings back the weird context of the 1950's

Cold War paranoia and black-listing—
Witch-hunting and the usual Negrophobia

The same eerie times as Michael Rennie—
With his scary interstellar killer robot 

This new Saturday matinee version updates—
The fear of Aliens and black sexuality

The Earth kicked outta orbit by nuclear war—
Back when outer space villains were so real

But now the Forces of Evil have returned—
Threatening cliff hangers that are much worse  

Handsome Hoodoo Voodoo Zombie studs—
Yes, Mars needs women really bad, honey!!!

The Outer Space Thugs be Mandingos—
They’ll fuck anything that walks on two legs

Impregnating Earth women with alien sperm—
Getting off creating a new mulatto Zombie Race

Watch UFO’s with horny young Martian meat—
Abduct pussy and fuck it high in Orbit

Klaatu knowing the history of Planet Earth—
Subjugates the populace with Afro-expertise!!!

The Outer Space voodoo alien villains need it—
Earth begins to kinda like it too, baby

Earth chicks and even cute whitey boyz—
Beamed up for Breeder Planet Hot Action!!!

Don't look right now, but like it be
Already happening right now, baby!!!

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