Fallen Angels

Fountain of the Falling Angel 
by Ricardo Bellver (1877)



“The danger is not that you 
will be invaded, it is that 
you have been invaded.”
Ezra Pound

How far did we Fallen Angels fall—
After the Great War in the Heavens?

What to do with the Losing Side—
After the Great Galactic Battle?

How to punish us Immortal losers—
Jail us in some Prison Planet?

What better way than to genetically—
Imprison us thru retro engineering?

To devolve us into a subservient—
Primitive race of stupid Naked Apes?

To punish us the Proud Ones even further—
Reduce us to shameful Earth existence?

Down into the groins of naked Apes—
The Male Penis our pouty Prison Prick?

No Exit, No Escape from Earth—
Bad Seed imprisoned in Karmic Cum? 

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