Ducktail Romeos


Kotex & Kents

After her divorce & black eye—
We lived alone in a little shack
Down on West Seventh

Across the street—
The Hood Mansion with its
Old Civil War ivy-turrets

She’d send me on cold—
Winter days up to the corner
Store on State Street

Kotex & Kents—
She was still young &
A good looking redhead

The Hood Mansion—
With its Civil War dead
Gothic Americana

Miss Howard—
The Spanish teacher
Living there for years

Torn down for a dumpy—
Apartment house so
Much for the proud past

Down the block—
Roberts-Blue Funeral Home
Living Dead Sixth Avenue

Your typical bleak—
Midwest boyhood bummer
Bildungsroman soap opera

Kotex & Kents—
A bored divorced mother
Black-eyed romance gone bad

Ducktail Romeos

You know the type—
Your slutty older sister’s
Cute boyfriend type except
They were my mother’s

The kind of guys—
Who’d take their time
With me when Mommy
Dearest wouldn’t put-out

They were the pits—
The worst types of guys
The greaser ducktail
Elvis Presley types

It was just awful—
Like when Mother would
Say no that’s when they’d
Get me to say yes

The kind of cute guys—
Who’d lie & cheat & then
Treat you like a little whore
After getting what they wanted

It began with a little—
Kiss or 2 and ended up
With lots more than that
Going on in the backseat

You’ve got your mother’s—
Cute eyes and pretty hair
They’d say & the next thing
I’d be down on my knees

Back then it was just—
A blowjob quickie then
Later a rim-job and then
A slow fuck in the bedroom

They’d get their big—
Thick tongues down my
Pretty boy throat, they’d
Rotor-rooter me real good

Duck-tail Romeos—
And naïve little me just
A typical small town Juliet
Just like Mommy Dearest

I couldn’t help it—
I didn’t wanna really do it
But once he got me going
It was awfully hard to stop

Kotex & Kent cigarettes—
The story of my so-called life
It’s lucky I wasn’t a girl then
I’d have been pregnant fast



Pre-Crime STORyNET #1

STORyNET haiku—
Can we know what the Pre-Crime
Whistleblowers know?

Pre-Crime time travel—
Can scifaiku poets quantum
Jump into Future?

“the ALTA report states “The past
forecast for this person who would
make a [planetary impact] of such
magnitude that [a second wave] of
other [whistle-blowers] of all kinds
would be drawn into the public view
includes descriptors and archetypes
that are currently being fulfilled by
reports about Andrew’s paper.”
—Alfred Lambremont Webre,
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

Pre-Crime STORyNET #2

Shorthand note on frog jumping
Into the Black Hole

Pre-Crime Descriptors—
Are Archetypes born not made
Can haiku be taught?

DARPA Paper:

Stories, Neuroscience and Experimental Technologies (STORyNET): Analysis and Decomposition of Narratives in Security Contexts

Solicitation Number: DARPA-SN-11-20
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Location: Contracts Management Office

Solicitation Number:
Notice Type:
Special Notice

The Defense Sciences Office (DSO) of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is hosting a workshop, Stories, Neuroscience and Experimental Technologies (STORyNET): Analysis and Decomposition of Narratives in Security Contexts. This workshop is intended as a precursor to exploring the neurobiological mechanisms which undergird narrative processing so as to establish fertile ground for connecting our understanding of the neuropsychology of stories with models, simulations and sensors salient to security concerns. To this end, the workshop will focus on surveying theories of narrative, understanding what role they play in security domains, and establishing the state of the art in story analysis and decomposition frameworks.

See attached Special Notice DARPA-SN-11-20.

Pre-Crime STORyNET #3

Weaponizing it—
Reducing Bāsho haiku
To lit-crit blueprints

Simplifying the whole thing is counterintutive. D.A.R.P.A. funds projects involving cyborg drones and Killer robots. Why the interest in scifaiku poetic theory?

The special notice says last month’s Wild Boar Oink Workshop was intended to be a precursor to exploring the “neurobiological mechanisms which undergird narrative processing so as to establish fertile ground for connecting our understanding of the neuropsychology of stories with models, simulations and sensors salient to security concerns.”

Weaponizing Bāsho? How can a frog jumping into an old pond—be weaponized by the Emperor? It’s gotta be a joke within a joke—Ka-plunk!!! Goes Bang!!!? Ironic isn’t it—how does one describe Eastern neo-narrative with Western military narratology?

Pre-Crime STORyNET #4

Weaponizing it—
Reducing Bāsho haiku
To lit-crit blueprints

D.A.R.P.A. officials declined comment, so I e-mailed Blakey Vermeule, a Stanford professor of English interested in cognitive and evolutionary approaches to literature.

“I’m truly puzzled by D.A.R.P.A.’s interest in storytelling,” she replied. “Last I heard they were working on making robots that could move around easily in sand. I guess this may have something to do with the rise of the conspiracy blogosphere and its power over otherwise rational minds. But that’s just a guess.”

Once D.A.R.P.A. discovers a way to write clearly and understand narrative, I think they should drop special notices and turn to sci-fi novels.

Pre-Crime STORyNET #5

Pre-Crime gangster mobs—
From Vegas to Tokyo
Precogs morph Future?

Does the structure and function of scifaiku vary considerably across cultural contexts or is there a universal theory of scifaiku?

How can we take scifaiku and make them quantitatively analyzable in a rigorous, transparent and repeatable fashion?

What analytic approaches or tools best establish a framework for the scientific study of the psychological and neurobiological impact of scifaiku on people?

Pre-Crime STORyNET #6

It’s not that they don’t—
Care anymore, it’s that they
Don’t need us anymore

Each time I get into a PKD mindfuck—I realize why I got outta PKD the last time. It’s pretty simple—even tho each PKD mindfuck is different & unique.

Last time it was the same mindfuck that fucked-up PKD with TMITHC. The seductive lure was writing a sequel—something PKD started twice. Maybe more times. I know of two additional chapters—both in The Philosophical Writings anthology.

Both were pretty good I thought—they had lotsa action & follow-up intrigue. Kinda like “Faith of Our Fathers”—thanks to Laurie. That dystop-paranoia 1984 angle was pretty smart.

Pre-Crime STORyNET #7

Whatever happens—
Next is gonna be something
You don’t wanna know

The same with Robert Crumb’s graphic novel version of PKD’s agnostic wisdom-tooth hallucination about Rome & all that shit. Eternal City jive—it goes on forever in PKD’s “Exegesis.” That youtube Paris Lecture was a real gas. He was a lot more avant-garde than the wise-ass French thought. The translator stopped translating—he was so fuckin’ stunned…

“Exegesis”—a long rambling series of stoned speed-junky midnight notes & cogitations after Blade Runner got him some bucks I film rights & a decent condo-pad to center his love-life with. The guy was married 5 times? Jeez Lueez—most men wise-up after the first one. Definitely SF plot material tho…

Anyways, I’m getting the same skating-on-thin-ice-feeling. Rereading TMITHC sequel I did for Reader & Roadie Toad back in the NYTimes makes me queasy. I see why it kinda petered-out in Japantown with nowhere to go. Operation Dandelion hadn’t happened yet—in more ways than one.

After Fukushima IMHO it looks maybe like the Co-Prosperity Sphere with Japan, China & N/S Korea has finally publicly wised-up to nukes, earthquakes, HAARP & scalar weapon politics. Operation Dandelion on the part of the so-called late BP Tokugawa Shogunate has come to an official end…

The Anglo-American-Fourth Reich mob v. new Japanese Yakuza Empire—has pretty much delineated the next Terran Space Opera Mise-en-scène. Whether the climax is Wagnerian or Kabuki remains to be seen…

Pre-Crime STORyNET #8

Sleek exopolitical
Space Opera intrigues…

Sooner or later it seems, most SF writers eventually turn to being historians of the future for awhile. A space opera here—a Fall of the Empire there. It’s inevitable I suppose—imagining alt.history scenarios stretching into the future. Or rewriting the past—like what if the South won the Civil War.

DARPA quantum-jump time-travelers, whether they teleport physically or voyeuristically conjure the future out of a ‘hologram-esque’ crystal ball, whether it’s Mars or some galactic empire entity—how can we trust the time-travelers?

The time-travelers. Who are they working for—what are they covering up? Are they reliable narrators? Or are they Greeks bestowing gifts—while there’s something hidden in the Trojan Horse? Are they genuine expert witnesses—or just hearsay-puppets of TPTB?

Pre-Crime STORyNET #9

Breakaway alien tech
Designing Future

As long as there’s a Breakaway Civilization—then surely there’ll always be a Middle Man. The usual hidden agendas & illuminated secret technologies (e.g. HAARP)? Interplanetary & interstellar Black Markets—an old Story East of Eden. Gangster Mob storylines & neo-noir narratives—a dime a dozen.

You don’t have to be a member of the rocket lit crit cognoscenti or a star of the SF cyberpunk-steampunk intelligentsia to smell a good juicy space opera mise-en-scène coming down. Or sense a perfectly abysmal new dystopian mise-en-abyme raising its ugly head…

So much for narrative…

Pre-Crime STORyNET #10

He was tall & gaunt—
His voice was high-pitched nasal
He wore a stove hat

A time-traveling kid standing dazed in the mud—before a stark lonely wood podium in Gettysburg. A young whistleblower attorney—standing amazed there on the red sands of Mars.

UBIK past realities—VALIS counter-clockwise future worlds. A Man in the High Castle—flipping ancient I Ching coins. A pulp-fiction SF writer in Berkeley—Operation Dandelion coming to Fukushima…

Some speak the Weirding Way—they are the Tellers of the Tale. The Tale speaks thru them—the Future is the Spice of Life. Will Terra become—another Giedi Prime?

Red Fuji

Katsushika Hokusai 36 View of Mount Fuji

Red Fuji

And now new decade—
A new Mt. Fuji series
How many new views?

Rearing up in sky—
The steep slopes tell a story
A woodblock snapshot.

Mt. Fuji morning—
The south wind dispels the clouds
What’s in store for me?

One Art

Elizibeth Bishop
One Art

“(Write it!)”
—Elizabeth Bishop
“One Art,” The Complete
Poems 1927-1979

The Art of losing it—
It’s easy to lose it
Let it master you
Simply let go, honey

The Zen art of—
Nothingness, that’s
What it’s all about
What can you lose?

Just look at me—
I’m a bigtime Loser
I’ve been losing it
For a long time, girl

Dizzy everyday—
I’m a real Disaster
I’m really out of it
Faster & faster

Farber & Farber—
Don’t have Copyright
Over being Wasted
Eliot’s Waste Land

I’ve been wasted—
Since I was Born
It takes Practice to
Be wasted with Style

There’s an Art to it—
Losing it and being
Wasted all the time
(“Write it!!!!!!)

It takes Patience—
And Paper, it’s simply
Amazing what you can
Do with Toilet Paper!!!

A Throne helps—
The Contemplation
Of Crap is an Ancient
Worthwhile profession

It takes Practice—
Losing it, Wasting it
Wiping it, Writing it
Lots of Wrist Action

The Last of the Windsors

The Last of the Windsors
—for Derek Jarman

“Fucking carrion creeps!!!”

Prince Harry brandishes his riding whip at the photographers.

Prince Harry’s boarding his Apache Attack Helicopter. Flunkies with greasy ill-fitting wigs toss bouquets of wilting flowers in his path, blessing the Royal Throne’s young prick heir-in-waiting.

His words are drowned out by the mournful siren-calls of all his former girlfriends, dumped and being left behind by the cruel triumphant Taskmaster of the Realm.

Threadbare queer dukes and dyke duchesses weep at the Prince’s departure, a sneering jet screams by overhead.

A killer drone flashes like lightening thru the cold black clouds, zapping a bunch of protestors into cinders along the Thames. An ambulance crashes into the mob, crushing a young lady-in-waiting.

“Left, right, left, right,” barks the Air Marshal. The fleet of Apache Attack Helicopters sails over the horizon leaving the geriatric set behind. Hell-bent for a rendezvous with the Enemies of the Empire, leaving rotting London behind.

After the Imperial Apache Fleet is gone, in the deathly silence a young hoodlum hardly tumescent on the tarmac asks, “Where the fuck are they going this time, huh?”

“Who knows? Who cares?” his fuck-buddy in the moiling mob shouts. “I just wish we were fuckin going with ‘em, that’s all!!!”

Editing “The Last of the Windsors” is coming along just fine. You Tube editing is so easy—the film is almost done. The porno sequence from Las Vegas begins the whole showy, shallow, tawdry mess—wait till you see Prince Harry doing his thing at Caesar’s.

The editing is staccato and aggressive—we get high and just fuckin cut away. The royal fuck scene crashes into the film unexpectedly—the pace is relentless.

It should turn the audience on—Prince Harry in drag is a real Dominatrix Bitch with all those Las Vegas nightclub whores.

When the lights come back on—you can see the cockroaches swarming for cover. The cracks in the cancerous sweaty walls—all crammed with the filthy buggers.

After Harry gets off, the showgirls are just left standing there really dumbed-down & stupid—they don’t even register orgasms anymore. The guys are buttoning up their flies—getting ready to split from the joint. The helicopters are warming up.

One of them says, picking his nose—“I wonder what new disease I’ll pick-up this time?”

The news about “The Last of the Windsors”—has already leaked to the Sun, the Times and the Sunday Times in Britain. Murdoch's media empire also got onto it fast—with Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post.

Even the Old Grey Lady herself—The New York Times is bitchin like mad. Her Sword of Damocles is taking its usual sideways swipes at everything—with the latest scandalous news.

Paolo Pasolini is back again too!!! Cloned from an old filthy stained pair of shorts—all of Italy is simply shocked. The modern medical miracle of Faggot Reverse Engineering—had pulled another magic bunny outta the magician’s hat again!!!

Scarabs are crawling outta Egypt—old Mafia and Yakuza Godfathers are back clomping around the streets again. Their cement shoes banging up Fifth Avenue—heading for the coke stoves and mildewed villas down there in the Beltway

The Pope was seen riding in an enormous golden pumpkin Cadillac—down thru secret hushed hide-and-seek Rome backalleys covered with camelias and black widows.

Silkworms have been reported worming their way into the Vatican—caterpillars and cocoons strewn thru St. Peters. Bernini’s columns crawling—with Tennessee Williams, Gore Vidal and The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone’s kept gigolo boyz. It’s no longer a great secret—Prince Harry is going to be the new Queen Bee!!! Just wait and see!!!