Ducktail Romeos


Kotex & Kents

After her divorce & black eye—
We lived alone in a little shack
Down on West Seventh

Across the street—
The Hood Mansion with its
Old Civil War ivy-turrets

She’d send me on cold—
Winter days up to the corner
Store on State Street

Kotex & Kents—
She was still young &
A good looking redhead

The Hood Mansion—
With its Civil War dead
Gothic Americana

Miss Howard—
The Spanish teacher
Living there for years

Torn down for a dumpy—
Apartment house so
Much for the proud past

Down the block—
Roberts-Blue Funeral Home
Living Dead Sixth Avenue

Your typical bleak—
Midwest boyhood bummer
Bildungsroman soap opera

Kotex & Kents—
A bored divorced mother
Black-eyed romance gone bad

Ducktail Romeos

You know the type—
Your slutty older sister’s
Cute boyfriend type except
They were my mother’s

The kind of guys—
Who’d take their time
With me when Mommy
Dearest wouldn’t put-out

They were the pits—
The worst types of guys
The greaser ducktail
Elvis Presley types

It was just awful—
Like when Mother would
Say no that’s when they’d
Get me to say yes

The kind of cute guys—
Who’d lie & cheat & then
Treat you like a little whore
After getting what they wanted

It began with a little—
Kiss or 2 and ended up
With lots more than that
Going on in the backseat

You’ve got your mother’s—
Cute eyes and pretty hair
They’d say & the next thing
I’d be down on my knees

Back then it was just—
A blowjob quickie then
Later a rim-job and then
A slow fuck in the bedroom

They’d get their big—
Thick tongues down my
Pretty boy throat, they’d
Rotor-rooter me real good

Duck-tail Romeos—
And naïve little me just
A typical small town Juliet
Just like Mommy Dearest

I couldn’t help it—
I didn’t wanna really do it
But once he got me going
It was awfully hard to stop

Kotex & Kent cigarettes—
The story of my so-called life
It’s lucky I wasn’t a girl then
I’d have been pregnant fast

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