One Art

Elizibeth Bishop
One Art

“(Write it!)”
—Elizabeth Bishop
“One Art,” The Complete
Poems 1927-1979

The Art of losing it—
It’s easy to lose it
Let it master you
Simply let go, honey

The Zen art of—
Nothingness, that’s
What it’s all about
What can you lose?

Just look at me—
I’m a bigtime Loser
I’ve been losing it
For a long time, girl

Dizzy everyday—
I’m a real Disaster
I’m really out of it
Faster & faster

Farber & Farber—
Don’t have Copyright
Over being Wasted
Eliot’s Waste Land

I’ve been wasted—
Since I was Born
It takes Practice to
Be wasted with Style

There’s an Art to it—
Losing it and being
Wasted all the time
(“Write it!!!!!!)

It takes Patience—
And Paper, it’s simply
Amazing what you can
Do with Toilet Paper!!!

A Throne helps—
The Contemplation
Of Crap is an Ancient
Worthwhile profession

It takes Practice—
Losing it, Wasting it
Wiping it, Writing it
Lots of Wrist Action

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