All About Justin Bieber


“Fasten your safety belts—
it’s going to be a bumpy night”
—Bette Davis, ALL ABOUT EVE

In descending gay order—
Film Reviews, Interviews,
Comments and Gossip

That’s how I personally—
View my fellow queens
Doing what they’re best at

Being trashy Bitch Queens—
Dishing like Bette Davis in

“Fasten your seatbelts—
honey, it’s gonna be a
fucking bumpy night!!!”

I love the way queens—
Can do the Grande Dame 
Femme Fatale Guignol Act

Especially Addison DeWitt—
Bitchy dishy Drama Critic
Played by George Sanders

As well as wacky witty—
Waldo Lydecker played by
The bitchy Clifton Webb

There’s nothing quite like—
Film satires of sardonic old
Queen Bee Faggy Critics

From the esteemed—
Heights of the OSCAR
And the Academy Awards

Where Hollywood Godz—
Live with tres opulent
Chic sophistication

Down to the cocktail—
Swank interviews like
Miss Capote entertained

Then a notch down—
Further to street level &
Tacky gutter comments

Then finally way down—
In the sewers with all
The ratty risqué gossip

That’s where I abide—
Maudlin & full of self-pity
I’m simply magnificent!!!

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