Miss Bieber


Nothing quite drives—
The Tweens and Queens
Mad like Miss Bieber does

Miss Bieber the new—
Peter Pan Pop Diva Queen 
Driving them all simply mad

At a recent concert in—
Newark NJ he was singing
“Ooh Girl I Love You” &

“Ooh Girl Give Me A Kiss”—
To a crowd of hyperventilating 
Female Tweens and Queens

Suddenly Justin pulled the—
Waistband of his deep-crotch 
Leather leggings out and…

Dropped his iPhone down—
There right next to his throbbing
Twink genitals, then hurled it 

Out into the hands of the—
Bunch of screaming fans simply
Craving the Beebs Baby Boner

The Peter Pan Pop Diva—
Is back once again, my dears
Time for “Gawd Save Us Queens!”

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