Reptoid Realpolitik


“And so those mindless beasts of the 
subconscious had access to a machine 
that could never be shut down. The 
secret devil of every soul on the planet 
all set free at once to loot and maim.”

One doesn’t have to ask—
Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis
Or Leslie Nielsen about who
Actually rules this charming

Coiling and uncoiling down there
In the post primitive precincts
Of even the most intelligently
Astute All-Knowing MORBIUS 

The bigger picture easy to fathom—
These Reptoid elites really have the 
Upper hand on humanity because they 
Excel at evil and chutzpah and have 
Ancient playbooks to draw from

They have very little real foresight—
And appear only to react to situations
Their strategy isn’t to unite humanity
Or instill us with selfless values and 
Make us as physically and mentally fit 

Instead a retrenchment appears to be—
Taking place,  a “facing of the facts” on 
The part of those elites, a preparation for…
Invasion, occupation, & protracted siege?
Another HUMANOID “detente” of sorts?

A pre-escalation shifting of gears—
For the ever-accelerating engine of the 
Reptoid International, Snakeoid scenario
This “conflict” terrestrial, faux nationalistic, 
Escalating beyond the cyber/electronic?

Ideological and financial like we’re seeing—
Regardless, a decentralized chain of supply 
Becomes tactically advantageous the moment 
You have logistic capabilities to facilitate it
Going online with THE FORBIDDEN PLANET

It is harder to know what remains unseen—
And more difficult to disable that which exists 
In many places at once—such as financial, 
Epistemological and cyber attacks, as well 
As the same old usual Reptoid Realpolitik

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