The Snakeoids


“It seems like that ancient 
reptilian core of the human 
brain still holds great sway
in these elites.”
—Frankie Calcutta

The Snakeoids—
Have been slithering
Down there in the ancient
Reptilian core of our 
Human brains a long time

They’re like the evil—
Monsters of the Id
Envisioned by Hollywood
In the sci-fi space opera

What better genetic—
Prison Planet for the
Losing side of the usual
Intergalactic Wars we
Hear about in the Bible

A War in Heaven—
Isn’t like WWI or WWII
The cybertechnology being
So sophisticated that it
Seems like Magic to us

What to do with the—
Losers, in this case the
Reptoids, obviously a
Rather nasty aggressive
Species on the March?

The Fall from Heaven—
Down into this blue Orb
Our Planet of the Apes
Was a Reverse Engineering
Feat of the Imagination

Imprisoning the Snakeoids—
Deep down there inside our
Monkey Brains is probably
How Exo-Political Justice is
Done in the Known Universe

Nothing like a Naked Ape—
To control and denigrate
The Proud Ones who once
Ruled vast Interstellar Realms
Inconceivable to us Hosts

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