Human-Reptoid Terra Klones


Let’s say this is all about—
Returning Snake DNA patent owners
Maybe the elites have to shore up 
Their base in lieu of fast growing 
Unanticipated human competition? 

The Human-Reptoid Terra Klones—
Have exposed too many chinks in the
Whole Prison Planet Game armor that
Was supposed to protect Greater
Galactic Council from contamination?

Maybe it all doesn’t have anything—
To do with gold, getting rich again or
Rolling out advanced technology like
We Earthmen seem rather good at
With get rich scheme corporations?

Maybe Reptoid-Human self-sufficiency—
Worked out better than was expected and
Now it's imperative for security reasons
To start fracking the Human-Reptoid Race 
Time to get rid of the pesky Neo-Hybrids?

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