Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reptoid Fallen Angels


But even if we are talking about—
Returning angry Prison Planet DNA Landlords
Or maybe Galactic Council Penitentiary Guards
With Earth being no more than Giedi Prime, 
Home of Floating Fatman Baron Harkonnen 

There’s still the problem of our complicity—
Once we know that the Klones are really us
That we’re basically the Naked Ape Hosts
For housing defeated Reptoid Fallen Angels 
Judged by a Galactic Council long ago

Once we know that we’re Reptoid Klones—
Perfect for the PANOPTICON surveillance of
Whatever villainy, chicanery, criminality that
The Snakeoids can devise to entertain them
And remind them of the Glory Days back then

Then, the recent events in Egypt instigated—
By the Reptoid elites are for no more urgent 
Reasons than Lizard chaos and a civil war as 
Necessary in order for the elites to keep any 
ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK impossible...

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