Designing Monsters


“Here, as they say—
the plot thickens”
—Joseph P. Farrell,

One could say that we Designers—
SEE through an Akkadian glass darkly
Paronomasia being our technique to
Pun through several different languages
Given to us in Sumerian sets of symbols

Paradigm errors, not philological ones—
Often create a religious patina that
Makes translation much more difficult
Such as the Anunnaki designing of
Man through genetic retro-engineering

A more secular translation recently—
Done by our genetic scientists in elite
Corporate laboratories essentially does
What Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN does as
Clive ejaculates his famous “It’s ALIVE!”

Modern genome projects with the vast—
Array of equipment to sequence/splice
The genes of two species together makes
For a somewhat startling paradigm shift
Creating new hybrids of Neo-Monsters

The problem with early design models—
Of Neo-Monsters was that they were
Either too stupid or too smart. Customers
Want a trick that not only pleases them
But doesn’t dish or criticize their owners

The plot thickens here when one thinks—
About Paleoancient genome projects here
On Earth & elsewhere in the solar system,
Genetic engineering via the Kharsag tablets:
The hybridization of man with other species

For such a project to succeed, it seems—
That the whole panoply of sequencers,
Microscopes, organic chemistry, knowing
About the double helix itself, techniques
Of splicing, a complete “genetic map”…

All of these designer techniques would—
Be necessary as the Kharsag cuneiform 
Tablets if correctly translated seem to
Suggest—for our rediscovered genetic 
engineering to exist in prehistoric times

The status of Designer Monsters may—
Be a residue of the creation of human
Beings themselves in terms of Slavery
Legalistics pointing to a corporate elite
Involved with creation of both entities

Is the designing/creation of Monsters—
A private, corporate or public entity?
Such are the Exo-Political legal points
Involved with what we’re designing
If the ultimate goal is trade/commerce

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