Designer Rent Boyz


“Bulls were bred there
with the heads of men”
—Church historian Eusebius 
citing Alexander Polyhistor

The Rent Boyz Market has grown—
Considerably since Fashion Design &
And Genetic Engineering have come
Of age with the advent of advanced
Technological hybrid enhancement

Not that consumers are in the market—
For ENUMA ELISH “scorpion boys” or
Berossus-styled hunky young centaurs
Designed & produced along the lines of
The Two-fold Principle of Morphing

Some customers tho prefer exotic—
Creatures such as tricks with wings or 
One androgynous body with 2 heads 
Of both sexes with male & female sex 
Organs both available for pleasure

The gay clientele prefer Rent Boyz—
Well-endowed, morphed obscenely
With the hind quarters and big legs
Of thoroughbred horses with studly
Proportions and seminal sexuality

Some of the more hardcore clients—
Prefer half-boys mated with shameless
Bulls that can fuck all night long and
Bellow so hard bedroom walls quake
With the power of their Ejaculations

The possibility that early genetic—
Designers unleashed awful Monsters—
And Giants on Earth in their overexcited
Attempts to please their Sodom rulers
And Gomorrah potentates could exist

Which might explain for historic accounts—
Of Gigantomachy & War Against the Giants
All the way from the Bible thru Native
American Indian tales and myths of savage
Battles with these deformed human beings

The Internet is glutted with fascinating—
Yet horrifying Giant skeletons & burials of
These Giant Men some 36 feet tall which
Would dwarf the average 6 foot man with 
His average 6” vs. a Giant’s yard-long one

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