Transhumanist Tricking


“It's alive. It's alive... It's alive, 
it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, 
it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!”

Baron Frankenstein’s Laboratory—
Is nothing new when compared
With today’s secret Transhumanist
Genetic Engineering Research INC
Neuroscientific GMO Factories

How Sodom & Gomorrah-esque—
This Wickedness that prevails once
Again straight outta that terrible
Trashy antediluvian world simply
Oozing with Genetic Abominations? 

The Cosmic War that destroyed—
That Evil World is back once again 
Engulfing the world, simply spinning
Biblical scholars into another awful
“Harpazō” Ekklesia Apocalypse!!!

Huge, grotesque, monstrous beings—
Like Goliath, Og the King of Bashan, the 
Gigantic inhabitants of the Promised Land 
Giving us some idea of the size & fierceness 
Of huge deformed amok GMO creatures!!!

Gene manipulation in secret science labs—
“Transhumanist” & “transgenics” Frankensteins
New genetic abominations being created:
Mice with human brain cells, sheep with human 
Hearts, pigs with human blood & even worse 

We all know about the DNA double helix—
But now scientists are producing animals – 
And humans – with a triple helix. The military 
Is developing the technology for “super soldiers” 
That fly like Drones and are even telepathic!!!

This isn’t Science Fiction, but Science Fact—
Welcome to genetically altered life forms now
Not only in secret labs but your neighborhoods,
Hollywood preparing us to accept this, movies 
& TV with flicks that glorify vampires, zombies!!!

Aliens & all sorts of resurrected Reptoids—
Obscene inhuman Snakeoid Snake Oil Acts
Seducing us with Satanic Creatures again
Right out of the most horrible of episodes 
in Mankind’s existence from its Deep Dark Past

But when we finally come to a full grasp of—
Genesis Chapter 6 & truthfully face what the 
Human race and Fallen angels forced God to do 
We should all be horrified, because of the 
Abominable genetic manipulation happening

In the days of “Noe” God destroyed all life—
On earth leaving only eight people and certain 
Animals alive, protected in the Ark, to continue 
Life on earth. Was that what the Cosmic War
Was all about, the Death of all the Dinosaurs?

The Evil that permeated that earlier Terran—
Antediluvian world was far more evil than anything 
Mankind has seen in the past four thousand years,
But surely we’re getting to the point of realizing
A similar huge ugly Douchebag Denouement!!!

“And GOD saw that the wickedness of man—
Was great in the earth, that every imagination 
Of the thoughts of his heart was only truly evil 
Continually.” Genesis 6:5. Are LA and NYC the
New Sodom & Gomorrah Cities of Sin?

Just how bad could it have been? The same—
Situation now as with Sodom and Gomorrah? 
God removed Lot & his family then proceeded 
To destroy those two cities, as well as all 
the Surrounding cities. Wickedness incinerated?

Now it seems that a full Invasion of these—
Abominable creatures once again is creating an 
Unbearable shock as this grotesquely obscene 
Antediluvian Evil is being once again loosed on 
This trashy Transhumanist Planet Earth

Could it be that these monstrous beings—
Are already among us? Transgenic Others 
Transformed by designer genes already here 
And now even as I speak getting ready for
Something in the not so distant future?

Neurosurgeons are already talking about the—
Possibility of Head Transplants rather than just
Mere liver, kidney and cornea transplantations
Harvested from unwilling, unknowing donors 
Kidnapped, shanghaied like political prisoners

It’s only a matter of time before Bad Biology—
Rules the Planet Earth again with its awful
Transhuman Agenda full of Test-tube Zombie 
Freaks & Stem-cell Monsters from the Black

Lagoon genetically engineered for Pleasure!!! 

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