“There was once a coquette who 
had a suitor whom she couldn’t 
get rid of”—Patricia Highsmith, 
Little Tales of Misogyny

There once was a young hustler 
who had this ex-sugar daddy who
he just couldn’t get rid of…

He robbed the poor man blind,
took him for everything he had,
his home, his car, his bank account

But still the naïve gullible john
simply craved the vain young hustler
pleading for just one more last time

Nobody knows what happened to
the greedy hustler since he suddenly
disappeared one rainy stormy night

The love-struck ex-sugar daddy didn’t 
seem to mind though, keeping a secret
pickled prick in a jar in his refrigerator

But nobody really cared about the—
whole affair, everybody simply detested
the cute hung vain hustler anyway

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