“They danced marvelously together,
swooping back and forth across the
floor to the erotic rhythms of the tango,
sometimes the waltz.”—Patricia Highsmith, 
Little Tales of Misogyny

We made love marvelously—
together both us so young &
carefree. The disco crowd
at the club loved to see us
dance our exquisite Tango

The dance floor would be—
our playground, I’d go down
on him with the raunchy
Lady Gaga music in the
dark smoky jaded nightclub

I’d get my lips & hands—
around it, his tight pants
down all the way past his
swaying hips and ankles
strangling it to death

He’d get weak in the knees—
fainting finally falling over
my bent shoulders as he
slowly excruciatingly shot
what brains he had outta him

My greedy Gaga throat simply—
insatiable, my dears, but then
he started cheatin on me so one
Sat night during a Tango I got
him good and simply cut it off!!!

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