Katrina Flashback


NEW ORLEANS (AP)—“Concerned the Superdome might not be able to handle the energy needed for its first Super Bowl since Hurricane Katrina, officials spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on upgrades to decayed utility lines.”

It was embarrassing and puzzling on Sunday—
the 34-minute power outage in the Superdome

I had to laugh thinking about all those white folks—
stuck in the pitch black darkness of the Superdome

During the third quarter of the game between—
the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers

Reminding me of all those New Orleans black folks—
flooded outta their homes never to return

Crammed into the Superdome like dead sardines—
the smell of puke, sweat, death and tragedy

The Big Easy a stinking wreck of a ghost town—
poisoned, inundated, exiles trying to get out

I rescued this cute black chicken still in a daze—
he’d lost his family, all of them drowned

Hiding up in the attic, the helicopters got him out—
stuck him in the Superdome alone and scared

I spotted him in the crowd crying all alone—
I rescued him and took him to my apartment

The Vieux Carré crammed with adamant sisters
Staying drunk and high during the hurricane

The cops didn’t want to fucking rescue the fags
They be the reason for Hurricane Katrina dontchaknow

Lafitte’s kept going upstairs with a gay band—
Worse things had happened in the Big Easy, dears

I gave the kid a bath and cleaned him up—
Got him loaded on some decent weed and drunk

Spent a couple of weeks getting him off—
His Congolese cock and Dixie dick all mine

Sluggish, slow and thick like Old Man River—
I milked his Mandingo Mississippi meat real good

Making him forget Katrina and the whole mess—
He thanked me then I never saw him again

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