Tuesday, February 12, 2013



—for Ahmos Zu-Bolton

I don’t wanna write a poem—
About making out with Zu....
Black Voodoo griot back then

I don’t wanna write anything—
That says “blackness is” anything...
Everybody knows the real thing
Was the 10,000 evil ways we all
Came over here as black slaves

All I know is Zu was endowed—
And I tasted his tart African cum
Gettin' him off three times so
That his moody DeRidder love
Got into me real good with his
Nasty-tasting soul seed

Voodoo Love is what I needed—
I let him flow through me mixing
With my mother’s mulatto love
Feeling his Shango sperm giving
Me all his masculine power down
To the last jizzy Voodoo squirt

Making my penis even blacker—
I could feel it getting bigger too
Feeling his deep Erzulie ecstasy 
Oozing Ogoun spaz through me 
All fucking night long, baby

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