Designing a New Scout Uniform


“Ultimately, designers dictate 
the uniforms that we adopt, 
and it is fashion victims who 
blindly follow in the hope to 
become more desirable/
accepted/higher up in the 
social hierarchy.”
—Is Fashion Fascism? 

We create new styles of fashions—
using cheap media design to exploit us.
It is rare to find someone who possesses 
true style, be it rebelling from the decreed 
‘this season’s look’ or merely just knowing 
what suits their body politik & shaping it. 

It takes a confident designer to try—to pull off the more daring looks of such a radical new season of scouting fashion, and it takes a much braver one to defy the often repressive fascist nature of the state & withstand the barrage of attacks from all angles from the formidable and unforgiving media and society—the sheep of yesterday versus those of today.

This brings us to start questioning the future career designs of a new Boy Scouts of America uniform. We have all read many comparisons between obvious propaganda and public relations—and the need to agree on any further compounding of scouting fascism and forced skinniness ‘agreed’ conformity.

The integrity of any tried and tested institution only lasts so long—whether it’s the military DADT policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” or the DOMA policy of the “Defense of Marriage Act.” The American realpolitik zeitgeist changes and so does the Style of the Moment. 

Future campaigns and jobs depend on the promoting of something that is ultimately stylistically new and relevant—a style that’s not damaging to society and the image of its own forwarding tres advanced culture. Style is important—social design is how the future reforms the past and becomes the Now.

Analyzing an industry and culture is difficult—especially one that’s often blamed with the strangling constraints of complex postmodern QT style. 

The resulting shift in Queer Theory Style toward the new Boy Scouts—means redesigning the aforementioned fascist male-dominated fashion designs of pre-war fascist Italy and post-Weimer Berlin.

STYLE is mainly driven by men who design for women—as opposed to men designing for boyz. If this were not the case, then the fewer clothes the better for both sexes. 

But we're all aware of how QT Fascist gay men are—seemly entranced to leather, SM and Joan Crawford shoulder pads. 

Svelte looks and that Bette Davis way of devastatingly scoping—around the whole fucking boring tacky joint. And quipping bitchily but ever so stylishly—“What a fucking goddamn dump!!!”

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