Escape from New York


“We’re gonna have their best man
leading the way from the head up—
on the hood of my car!!!”
—Isaac Hayes the Duke

Snake Plissken—
With his big black tattoo

Stretchin’ from his dick—
Up past his bellybutton

He had the killer instinct—
Of his fighter pilot father

The hot-bloodedness of his—
Redhead mulatto mother

Clothe it in drag, you get—
Haughty haute couture

No Escape from New York—
Not for Snake Plissken

Ravaged by crime—
All of Manhattan Island

“Once you go in—
You don’t get out”

No turning back once—
They dump you inside

Snake ends up at the Olde—
Manhattan Musical Review

Burned-out old Fox Theater—
Doing drag with Ernst Borgnine

Singing “Bandstand Boogie”—
And “Everybody’s Going to New York”

With Lee Van Cleef & Donald Pleasance—
Harry Dean Stanton & Isaac Hayes

Breakneck burlesque—
Thrilling high-octane drag

Post-apocalyptic gender-fucks—
Edge of your seat cabaret swan songs

Kurt Russell in post-Weimar Hades—
Gets mind-blowing Bijou blowjobs

No Escape from New York—
Not for Snake Plissken

Debussy’s “Engulfed Cathedral”—
Flooding all of New York City

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