“At Princeton on Monday a freshman
asked Antonin Scalia to explain his
legal writings comparing sodomy
bans with laws prohibiting bestiality
and murder.”—Juliet Lapidos
The NYTimes December 11, 2012

The exquisite Beardsley—
Illustrations for Salome,
My dear, so very campy
And preciously naughty

The same with campy—
Miss Wilde doing her own
Drag version of his
Kitschy play “Salome”

But Rita Hayworth’s—
Movie of Miss Salome
With the enthralled
Queen Charles Laughton

Takes camp beyond—
The beyond until the
Head of John the Baptist
Gets plopped on the plate

Miss Stewart Granger—
Doesn’t butch things up
Very much either when
It comes to Salome

No matter how many—
Dances of the Seven Veils
It would surely take a
Thousand veils to conceal

Poor John the Baptist—
Didn’t have a chance
Not with Judith Anderson,
Rita Hayworth and Charles
Laughton in the wings

Judge Scalia should ban—
This shocking flick because
Of its sodomy, bestiality
And murder most foul!!!!

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