Salome (1953)

SALOME (1953)

Nothing like a campy—
Hollywood Sword & Sandal
Biblical Epic to Butch me
Up for Sunday School!!!

To face the Christians—
Slithering every Sunday
Guilting me severely with
Damning demeaning Hell!!!

And to think, my dears—
Christians once back then
Such Fearful Closet Cases
Under the Roman sword!!!

Both Charles Laughton—
And Miss Stewart Granger
Such flaming LA Queens
What Faggy Filmographies!!!

“Salome” tells the story—
About Christian persecution
John the Baptist’s holy head
Plopped on a Silver Platter!!!

How things have changed—
Rome the New Religious Right
Jerry Fartwell & Jimmy Swaggart
Preaching hatred for all Queers!!!

Backed by rabid Mormonism—
And Revered Edie Long Dong
Christians the New Persecutors
Let Salome begin her Dance!!!

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