Con-Job Story


But the deal fell thru—
Floyd Welles full of shit
Dick’s big convoluted plan to
Rob the Clutters a farce

More angry at myself—
Not wanting to lose face
I had this fictional Killer
Façade Dick dreamed up

I was ready to split—
Get outta the state fast
Flee to Mexico where we
Could make our fortune

But Dick pissed me off—
He tried to seduce the girl
That’s when I went amok
Proving myself to Dick


It all happened so fast—

I was full of hot-blooded rage
And queer jealousy over Dick’s
Blonde chick str8t infidelity

Capote wanted to know—
What other people couldn’t
Understand whether or not
I could be so “cold-blooded”

But it was “hot-blooded”—
The kind of murder men do
When jealousy and betrayal
Grab them by the Throat

Mr. Clutter was a decent man—
I thought so all the way up
Until I slit his throat and blew
His head off with a shotgun

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