Pinkie's Son


"Hell is at the center
of Pinkie’s thoughts
and evil dominates the
world”—Michael Shelden
Graham Greene: The
Enemy Within

"Credo in unum Satanum"—
But what if Satan’s camp
Favors Pinkie instead?

After all, that’s how Greene—
Ends “Brighton Rock” for
Us lucky gullible Readers

Could real Evil awaken—
Again spiritually in the body
Of Pinkie and Rose’s son?

To be a Catholic is to—
Believe in the Eternal Devil &
Surely He reincarnates himself?

Give me a sacred pure—
Born again Christian and
I’ll give you the Devil again

Pinkie’s son is born evil—
With that same Enthusiasm
Of a true Christian Believer

He loves Jimmy Swaggart—
Admires Reverend Eddie Long
With the hots for Black Stuff?

Pinkie so very audacious—
But his son is even more
Nasty and maligned than him

Never “soft on skirts”—
Pinkie’s son taunts Rose
With his Bad Seed déjà vu

The Recording

“a doubled darkness”
—Graham Greene
Brighton Rock

After Rose disappears—
Rather mysteriously some say
Pinkie’s evil son finds it

A crummy cheap arcade—
Recording that Rose cherishes
With its last loving Pinkie words

She loved Pinkie so much—
She asked him to make a cheap
Recording of his lovely Voice

He quietly addressed his—
Message of mean hate to the
Recording booth’s Microphone

Calling her a “bitch”—
How much he despised her
How he couldn’t stand her guts

While Rose watched him—
Full of admiration, never playing
It until after Pinkie’s death

At the end of the Film—
Rose listens to it for the
Very first time and…

Seemingly miraculously—
There’s this gimpy “skip”
To the cheap recording

It plays over and over—
And over again one phrase
“I love you, I love you…”

Rose’s love vindicated—
Even though it’s purely ersatz
Faked by some trick faux pas


“Religion is useful
only as a way of
making him feel
more wicked”
—Michael Shelden
Graham Greene: The
Enemy Within

But Pinkie’s son—
Pushes the needle beyond
The gimpy skipping grove

He hears what his—
Evil father really says to
Poor Rose his victim-wife

Suddenly he’s Reborn—
Spiritually Awakened to
What real evil can do!!!

Pinkie’s son has the
Mark of Cain tattooed
And branded on him

Beauty is skin deep—
But Ugly Evil goes to the
Bone, that’s what they say

Pinkie’s son has it bad—
Bad Seed deep in his Loins
A big ugly varicose Vein

Gnarly and twisty—
Wiggling, writhing Snake
Each time he gets off

He serves Evil seriously—
With all the enthusiasm of
A True Blue Believer

Strangling it, choking it—
Making it beg for Deliverance
The Devil’s unforgiving Tool...


“domesticating their
black alliance”
—Michael Shelden
Graham Greene: The
Enemy Within

Appalled in its ugliness—
Pinkie’s son is absorbed in
Worshiping the Devil

The Enemy Within—
That’s made him this way
Twice as bad as Pinkie

Damned by his Seed—
Preferring to be among the
Masturbating Wicked

Pulling back his Foreskin—
So that Pinkie's Head shows
Itself for what it really is

Untainted by compassion—
There’s no danger he’ll go
“Soft on a skirt” like his father

The clock strikes thirteen—
His watch says 666 as he
Fondles Pinkie’s sharp razor

“Such tits!!!” he screams—
The kid slicing it off so neat
“Take it Pinkie!!! It’s yours!!!”

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