There wasn’t anything—
Cold-blooded about it
Loving Dick like I did
Back there in the pen

When you’re cell-mates—
With a guy all the time
Then things happen at
Night that make it right

Love is a funny thing—
You take it & get it when
And where you can, no
Matter how things end up

To seal our taut love—
And marriage behind bars
We both had a Tiger tattoo
Done on us to seal the deal


When I got paroled—
And got outta the joint
I didn’t expect to ever
See Dick Hickock again

But he wrote me—
About a sure Deal to
Get rich quick, enticing
Me back with his spiel

Floyd Welles had—
Supposedly spilled the
Beans about some rich
Farmer in Holcomb KS

A safe in the wall—
At least $10,000 cash
A quick in & out for some
Easy money, you know?

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