Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two Viennese Queens

Two Viennese Queens

The two Viennese queens—
Baron Kurtz and Doktor Winkler
Live together in an elegant
Apartment next to the Wheel

The Oklahoma Kid—
Baron Kurtz clutches to his
Breast in the outdoor café
Where Holly & he have a date

The little chihuahua—
Baron Kurtz has tucked
Under his topcoat peeks
Its ratty little head out

The same ratty dog—
Lives there in the apartment
With both Kurtz and Winkler
A nice fag married couple

Doktor Winkler is cryptic—
Surrounded by religious
Antiques, crucifixes and
Assorted Jansenist junk

Baron Kurtz and Dr. Winkler—
Hide the fact they’re a couple
Of decadent Euro-Queen Bees

Holly Martin isn’t dumb—
Not when it comes to certain
Things like closet-case fags
He smells a big fat rat

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