Mr. Crabbin

Mr. Crabbin

“You’re literary style
does not do your
namesake justice”
—Graham Greene
The Third Man

Then there’s Mr. Crabbin—
Ditzy representative of the
British Cultural Relations
Society and Lectures

Holly was to give a lecture—
“Techniques of the Contemporary
Novel” for the Innsbruck and
Salzburg Literary Program

Holly Martin the famous—
Western pulp fiction writer
Giving Greene the chance
To dish writers and writing

Holly’s brand of fiction—
Kitchy, full of schmaltzy
Plots in a vague, sloppy
Sentimental way like sex

Strictly amateur compared—
With Benjamin Dexter or
Henry James a stylist so
Subtle, complex, old-maidish

Calloway the Investigator—
Shook his head amazed
Sometimes the amateur much
Better than the professional

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