The Lecture

The Lecture

“You might say something—
about stream of consciousness,"
Mr. Crabbin said nervously.
"Be gentle with them.”
—Graham Greene
The Third Man

“Stream of what???”—
Said Holly Martin looking
Rather puzzled at the poor
Besieged Society members           

Holly was making quite—
The impression with the
Viennese coffee-klatch
Literary types at the lecture

“How do you spell Zane Grey?”—
And other pointed questions
About Stein, Woolf & somebody
Named Daphne du Maurier

Signing his signature—
The fake name of “B. Dexter”
For the boring, complacent ass
Author of “The Curved Prow”

“Lavatory? Is there a lavatory?”—
Asked Holly making his great
Escape, obviously the Viennese
Literary types not into Westerns

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