Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Leopard Man



The Leopard Man
The Cemetery Scene
Kiss of The Panther Woman
Expert Witness
Magic Realism

The Leopard Man

Killer Mexican film noir —
The perfect ode de cologne
The sweet scent of death

Scary Val Lewton —
Creepy Jacques Tourneur
RKO Femme fatales of film!!!

Clicking Castanets —
Cemeteries late at night
Death in the Dead of Night

Dark Forties Suspense —
Endless Sinister Suspicions
Who’s gonna get it next?    

The Cemetery Scene

The best scene —
In the whole scary movie
Some queens think

The jilted young lover —
Stood up by her boyfriend
Stuck with all the dead stiffs

Locked in the cemetery —
Darkness creeping into the
Deepening deadly denouement

Gaunt Graveyard Statues —
Leering down at the poor thing
Waiting for the stealthy Killer

Kiss of The Panther Woman

Stalked by the fiendish —
Black Panther of Death
No girl is safe, honey

But not everything —
Tiptoeing on cat’s feet is
A little innocent Kitty-cat

Defenseless cuties —
Are tres Vulnerable as
Killers prowl the night

Half the Thrill —
Being a Killer at night
Your Stalking noir footsteps

Expert Witness

What makes a Witness —
Expert while testifying
At a Murder Trial?

The erudite, all-knowing —
Dr. Galbraith played by James
Bell in The Leopard Man?

How calm cerebral —
The pipe-smoking professor
Of the local Museum?

The least one you’d —
Suspect as a Killer yet so
Knowingly cold-bloodied

Magic Realism

Just ask Miss Marquez —
That primal noir image:
Blood flowing under the door

The Unseen Murder —
The scream behind the bolted
Locked door, then the Blood

The thud of the thug —
The young daughter sliced
And diced so horribly bloody

The Unseen Murder —
Hidden from Us Viewers
There on the Other Side

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