I Walked with a Zombie
Zombie Badboyz
Darby Jones
Drums in the Night

I Walked With A Zombie 

I lived with a whole town 
Of Living Dead Kansas Zombies
It was worse than LA Zombieville

Night of the Living Dead —
Just a tacky, trashy reminder
Of the Living Dead in Kansas

Especially the tall handsome —
Naked Zombie Boyz there in
The cane fields at night

Hoodoo Voodoo drums —
The heartbeat of the Living Dead
Beating them off in the moonlight

Zombie Badboyz

Jacques Tourneur’s —
Queen Bee Horror classic
Still so chillingly Sexy

Poor Sandra Dee sucked —
Into Cumly Carib Film Noir
Just like Innocent me

Hoodoo Voodoo in Kansas —
Pretty much the same thing
Ever sucked a zombie off?

Darby Jones

Hear those beating, throbbing —
Voodoo drums tonight, honey?
I know I once did, my dear. . .

The Moon high overhead —
The twisting tall Canefield path
The crossroads guarding secrets

Voodoo ceremonies late at night —
But first I had to pass the test
Going down on Darby Jones

So tall, hung and handsome —
The whites of his upturned eyes
Placating his Living Dead Penis

Drums In The Night

Voodoo drums beating —
African gods dancing haughtily
In both Haiti & Kansas too!!!

Up there in the balcony —
In the Granada’s “Nigger Heaven”
Doing the hot zombies, honey

My knees stuck to the —
Sticky Pepsi Cola floor
Getting reamed inside-out

I was nothing but —
A no-good little Emporia
Slut of the Voodoo Night!!!

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