Graham Greene


"He was the Harry Lime
of the literary racket.”
— Michael Sheldon,
Graham Greene: The Enemy Within

One of the more seminal —
Book discussions from back
In the NYTimes days was
“The Third Man” soiree

Orson Welles played noir —
Cold War Harry Lime
A black-market drug dealer
Extraordinaire character

A screenplay collaboration —
Between Greene & Carol Reed
About depressing postwar
Viennese Weltschmerz

Joseph Colton played the —
Pulp fiction western writer
With Alida Valli as the sad
Tragedienne actress Lover

Filmed in 1949 —
Halfway between infamous
Bankrupt RKO Studio
“Citizen Kane” (1941)

And “Touch of Evil” (1958) —
Greene’s novel flowing like
Expensive slow gin down the
Back of your thirsty throat

Accompanied by maddening —
Irritating nervous Zither music by
Anton Karas constantly there
Slithering in the background

The ironic thing was that —
During our book discussion
Led by erudite Whiskey Priest
Lovely Alida Valli passed away


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