Friday, November 23, 2012

The Fag Hag of Capri

The Fag Hag of Capri

“In human relationships,
kindness and lies are worth
a thousand truths.”
—Graham Greene

One never knows my dear —
When a helpful Fag Hag
Can turn out to be a Godsend
Angel to the Rescue!!!

A carefree caprice there—
On the Isle of Capri needs
The help of the fair sex when
It comes to rendezvous time

There was an old fag of Capri—
Who cast a lecherous eye on me
He said “Oh, my dear!”
You shan’t shed a tear
And afterwards we had our tea

It was Norman Thomas, me dear—
That drew me to Anacapri with her
Novel “South Wind” with its
Moody open gay sensuality

There was an old queen of Stamboul—
With a varicose vein in her tool
In attempting to come
Up a sailor boy’s bum
It popped, and she fainted away

Although fag hags can be—
Overbearing and indiscreet
I needed her services some
Getting Italian boys for fun

There in my Villa Rossaio—
With its view of the Bay of Naples
Its bougainvillea arbor and
Private garden world all mine

Away from the tourist crowds—
On the other side of busy Capri
Where I could live in my villa with
Its lovely forbidden pleasures

Douglas’ doctor back then—
Elizabeth Moor the Dottoressa
Entertained Douglas and me
As the Fag Hag Queen of Capri

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