Letter to a Wound


"...astonishing twaddle plucked
from a peculiarly deluded universe...
...pettish, self-destructive milksop..."
—Richard Davenport-Hines, “Formica-
and-Vinyl?” Times Literary Supplement

There’s this fissure taking place—
Just as painful as Miss Auden’s
Rude rectal fissure in her memoir
“Letter to a Wound,” my dears

These fissures aren’t fictional—
They’re more like Miss Capote’s
Nonfiction Novel “In Cold Blood”
Except perhaps even more fissiony

I first noticed it with a bitchy—
Times Literary Supplement review
Of Miss Halperin’s “How To Be Gay”
By one of Britain’s most astute critics

Miss Davenport-Hines the imminent—
Literary critic and biographer of the
Ultimate British Queen W. H. Auden
The suffering author of “The Wound”

Miss Halperin’s “How To Be Gay”—
Reminds me of “Madwoman in the Attic"
A major Feminist breakthrough in the
Art and Craft of Miss Havisham Lit

A rather clever coy gay coup d’├ętat—
Seems to likewise be taking place now
Amongst the Queer Theory Intelligentsia
Dishing their way up Dreary Deary Lane

Ah yes, "Dreary Deary" Lane—
Well, it's fairly easy to get that way
As one becomes an aging old queen
Like that forthcoming British sitcom

With those two old queens Derek Jacobi—
& Ian McKellen who become Vicious Old Queens
While I prefer that campy Tired Old Movie Queen
But does it really make any difference?

As long as one can still be campy about it—
The facelifts, the rectal fissures, the usual moans
And groans of being Mildred Pierce or even better
The ultimate Diva Bette “What a Dump!” Davis?

I dunno, really my dears, but I seem to sense—
The Dreary Deary Mildred Pierce routine is passe
And louche Linda "Fallen Angel" Darnell is de reguer 
With her "So what?" and/or "Who cares?" routine

Miss Halperin’s shift to American Diva camp—
Away from Miss Auden’s sad “Letter to a Wound”
Is like the story of my life schlepping & falling from
Madwoman in the Attic to Fallen Angel in the gutter

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