Letter to the Times Literary Supplement

Letter to The Times Literary Supplement

Letter to the Times Literary Supplement


I sympathize with Mr. Davenport-Hines’ concerns "Formica-and-vinyl?"(TLS 19 October) with Mr. Halperin’s recent twaddle-plucked, pettish book, “How To Be Gay?” 

I wonder if the QT prim & proper Mr. Halperin would have shared with us using the same candor and joie de vivre as our Mother, Miss Auden, if indeed she also perchance suffered the same indignity of a rectal fissure as Auden did? 

Would Mr. Halperin be able to share with us such an embarrassment with the same intelligence, authorial modesty and moral rectitude as Auden did with his “Letter to a Wound”? 

But then, as Phillip Larkin said, in regard to Auden’s tryst with the young sailor, “People take the fun—out of life don’t they?

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