Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How To Be A Fag


—for David Halperin

Let the fags fuck—
And the Christians burn

Just because you think you’re Str8t—
Doesn’t mean you’re Hetero-normative
Fags learn how to be Fags, my dear
From other Fags not Str8ts, honey

Fags tell us what we think we know—
Whether we’re Bubble heads or not
What is the role of Faggotly, dearest
When it comes to this gay identity? 

Well, just ask Bette in Baby Jane—
About those rats down in the cellar
Hollywood Babylon has done more
To pervert Fags than anything else

Grande operas and gay musicals—
An well as campy Diva worship
Drag, muscle culture as well as
Style, Fashion and Interior Design

Well, anyway, I may be a Faggot—
And not a Hetero-normative Hunk
But at least I’ve gone beyond the
Dreary deary Mildred Pierce routine

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