The Montez

The Montez

“I feel like Gale Sondergaard
in “Return of the Spider Woman.”
—Manuel Puig

What’s really worth mentioning—
Is that Maria Montez’s fervent
Admirers rioted in the theaters
Adoring being up-close to her

Like her Hoochie-Koochie Dance—
On Cobra Island they wanted to
Worship Montez a few moments 
And then jump into the Volcano!!!

The Serpentine rhythms of—
Dancing slinky Hollywood snakes,
Cymbals, tambourines, torches,
Drums so tres hypnotizing

Maria Montez the Go-Between—
The erotic pulsing mise-en-scene
With all the trappings of Fertility
Worship, Theater of camp & kitsch

The Turbaned One would say—
In stumbling basic English things
Like “Giv me ze cobra jool” and
Fans like Jack Smith would swoon

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