Diva Diversions

Diva Diversions

“Writing is the
art of digression”
—Severo Sarduy

Jack Smith suddenly would fall—
Into her Cleopatra chaise longue
Doing her version of a diva flix
Haughtily demanding an asp

The tardy signalectic script—
Always late, long past curtain-time,
The embodied one saying in profile
A brief line displaying her earrings

Doing her diva flix routines & the—
Usual arabesques, pale pink chiffon
Miniaturist profiles disguising her
Obvious shortcomings & charms

Saffron & vermilion eye-shadow—
Reciting her pouty cue lines, mostly
Forgettable, blinking her fake
Eyelashes, her coy Ali Baba swoon

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