Rose Hobart

Rose Hobart (1936)



“visible invisible scribe—
a (w)rite of passage”
—Suzanne Jill Levine
The Subversive Scribe:
Translating Latin American Fiction

Cornell’s kitschy cabaret—
Based on “East of Borneo” (1931)
Soundtrack from “Holiday in Brazil”

Two songs by Nestor Amaral—
“Forte Allegre” & “Belem Bayonne”
Found in a NYC junk shop

First shown in 1936—
At Julien Levy’s NYC gallery
Entitled “Goofy Newsreels”

Miss Dali got terribly upset—
"Cornell stole my subconscious!!!
My idea of a surrealist film!!!”

Later Jack Smith—
Screened it in the 1960s
There in his NYC campy loft

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