Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The Mark of Cain


“And the LORD said unto Cain,
Why art thou wroth? And why
Is thy countenance fallen?”
—Genesis 2:6-7

I fucked him good every night—I couldn’t help it. I fucked him to death—and got him good. If I hadn’t done it—nobody else would have. He didn’t have any girlfriends—he didn’t have any boyfriends. What does a couple of red-blooded young guyz do anyway—when you’re all alone there in the Garden of Eden?

I got him loaded—I got him high. I got him drunk—I got him day and night. I was good at it—“Murder, My Sweet.” I got him on weekends—I got him to whimper real nice. I got him to faint—I loved the way he banged his head against the Tree of Forbidden Knowledge.

Afterwards, I’d help him back through the Garden—limping down to the river Lethe flowing with the verdancy of primordial cummings and goings. Fucking him the way I did—it wasn’t easy for him. It took everything outta the poor kid—down to the last fuckin drop.

I’d steady him by the river—he was so weak in the knees. His obscene inch-long slit made him—piss in the riverl and piss on the ground. He couldn’t help it—he was so loaded and out of it. I helped him tho—holding it gently from behind.

I took it seriously—young brotherly love. Even though later—it sadly became male fratricide. He was 16 and I was 18—both of us were doomed East of Eden exile boyz. The Queer Genesis I’m talking about—aint the Genesis you’ve read in the Bible. It’s a heartbreaking soap opera—that renews itself with each plucked Forbidden Fruit.

Abel was my cute young brother—everything about him was more handsome than me. We were both lonely boyz there in the Garden of Eden—and that’s why I was obsessed with him. Call it incest if you want—but what else could God expect?

I was just a white trash boy—I was evil Cain, my mother Eve’s first offspring after the Fall. The Devil made her do it—the Devil made me do it too. I had the Serpent down between my legs—just like Adam did.

But where were the Women—the cute chicks of the Garden of Eden? I was in love with my own kid brother—I was obsessed with my perverted Family Tree. Was I str8t or queer? How would I know until my own young slinky Eve showed up?

Eve was our mother—but we had different fathers.
Adam was my father—but then there was this awful divorce. Then Eve shacked up with this handsome young alto sax player stud Snake—who played at the popular Eden Garden jazz nightclub. He fucked her good day in & day out—and my brother Abel was the result.

Eve ditched both Able and me fast—she had better things to do than be a mother. She had other more important things on her mind—like having fun and living it up with the Snakes. Her family was wealthy—her father a rich Lethe Lakeshore attorney and businessman.

So Abel and I ended alone there in Eden on Ocean Drive—in a swanky apartment on the top floor of The Carlyle. That’s how we grew up—a couple of stoned Art Deco bon vivant Eden boyz down by the beach.

All of Abel’s brains—were down between his legs. What else could a guy do—with 10” of meat in the basement and a faggot older brother who desperately craved his nice fine tight little ass?

We go cruising in a slinky Cadillac convertible—a nice big long slinky baby blue ’59 road hog. It had big chrome tits in front and a sleek pair of garish shark fins whooshing in back. I kept him to myself all the time dontchaknow—I didn’t share him with any of the Snakes. Can you blame me?

Sometimes I fucked him fast—sometimes I did him slow. Sometimes I strangled him to death gently—other times I used a big violent vibrating dildo. Sometimes I dragged it out for a long time—other times it was awfully fast, down and dirty.

It wasn’t pretty or sophisticated—doing the down-low. Teenage dick-homicide never is very chic or sophisticated. I sprained my neck I don’t know how many times—doing my daemonic kid brother down there in The Carlyle in Miami Beach.

When Abel got to be sixteen years old tho—well, he’d had enough of my whitey miscegenal incest urges. He got tired of me & bored with it all. That’s when he said he was gonna sign up and join the Navy—just to get away from me.

That’s why I offed him—my kid brother Abel. Gawd, how God and all the Serpents—were pissed off at me. They branded and tattooed me—with the Mark of Cain.

From then on I was cross-eyed—and harelipped. And I had this awful lisp to deal with—and this terrible mince when I walked down the street. It was Double Indemnity in Reverse—I regretted it the rest of my miserable so-called life.

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