Monday, April 23, 2012



“a satirical marching song”
—Louis Zukofsky
“More Comparisons—
and Considerations”
A Test of Poetry

De poets got so lonesome libb’n
    In de ghettos of Academe
Dey moved dere tings into massa’s parlor
    While the Author Function flee.
Dar’s words and poetry in the kitchen
    An’ de poets dey hab some,
I spec it will be all fiscated,
    When de Language sojers come
De massa run, ha, ha!
De Poets stay, ho, ho!
It mus’ be now de kingdum comin’,
An’ de yar ob jubilo.

—A Zukofsky translation—
H. C. Work, “The Year of Jubilee”
(Sung by the negro troops
as they entered Richmond)

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