Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Author Function

The Author Function
—for Louis Zukofsky

“Je est un autre”
—Arthur Rimbaud
Letter to Izambard

The surreal slippage
Of authorless control
While dreaming dreams

Tres Rimbaud-esque—
As if we were being dreamed
Rather than dreaming

One can see why
Andre Breton & all the
Surrealists were perplexed

Their inability to—
Accept “I-am-other”
Je est un autre

The poet does both—
Dreaming & being dreamed
Simultaneously one

A demystified kid—
Communard as well
As constructionist dude

Of the crucifix by
Delinquent messiah

Rimbaud as priestly—
Pimp giving his flesh
To the holy pedophile

Miss Verlaine down on—
His Communion knees
The Cum of Passion

The vaguely immodest boy—
With skimpy loin-cloth
Holy night in the Latrine

Adolescent voyant—
Jizzy juvenile delinquent
Obdurate objectivist

What Zukofsky did—
With Catullus I will do
With Arthur Rimbaud

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