Chernokids (Chernobyl Mutants)

A light-hearted approach to Mutant Malignancy. A SF cartoon fairytale oozing with Fukushima Radioactive Horror Story possibilities—right outta
this exquisite cheery Chernokids video... from Russia With Love...

The Chernobyl Nuke Disaster was a terrible, na├»ve meltdown-blowout-nuke nightmare. No pretty little kid’s cartoon fantasy—can possibly soften the total Frankensteinian Transylvanian Monster Modern Orwellian Horrors of those who pulled the Chernobyl strings.

But what this sick, beautifully animated and very bizarre — bordering on disturbing — 6-minute animation about a fictional group of mutant children from Chernobyl does is... prepare us for something much more recent and up-to-date than just Disney-esque “Chernokids.”

The real "Fukushima Mutants" flick is yet to come—and it could be even more horrible than the "Chernokids" Little Rascals…...

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