Dead Planet XLIX

Dead Planet XLIX

“Over to the museum.
He said he wanted to
take in the exhibit of
Edvard Munch that’s
there now. It ends
—Philip K. Dick, “Do Androids
Dream of Electric Sheep?”

it was a silent—
scream but not like old silent
hollywood movies

the munch man screaming—
silently on the bleak bridge
was an android man

he covered his ears—
clapping his hands in horror
around his poor head

his mouth was open—
but it was a silent scream
the worst kind they say

it wasn’t a howl—
it wasn’t even human
it was humanoid

just enough human—
to flood the air around him
with a silent scream

it was an android—
with a bald pear-like pale skull
with horror-glazed eyes

the painting was grim—
he was overcome with the
shock of some horror

had the humanoid—
suddenly realized that he
was cybernetic?

had it realized—
suddenly the sheer horror
of not being human?

one can almost hear—
the dreadful scream of angst and
droid apocalypse…

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