Dead Planet L

Dead Planet L


see how it unfolds—
the way the crab-writing crawls
sideways across the screen

we have our own way—
digital necromancers
writing scifaiku


even on terra—
if scifaiku poetry
would possibly die

what difference is it—
we’re already abandoned
beneath the old stars


the vast solar wind—
sleeping & dreaming stillness
lunar landscape dawn

the calm titan night—
the secret of saturn’s rings
vandals of the void


the red sands of mars—
so far from nagasaki
yet swords once fell there

the polar caps melt—
the pyramids rot away
total recall time


the neptune seas—
saturn’s swirling methane rings
white snows of fuji

gaze upon the moons—
triton in all its glory
not thinking a thing


tired of brooding—
I take my young android bride
for a honeymoon

niagara falls—
quaint chesley bonestell paintings
gushing worlds gone sour


love or ambition—
does my cute android boyfriend
have electric dreams?

should I feel jealous—
does droid sexuality
dish assimov’s rules?


am I a droid poet—
a thing of man-made temper
a star-child of pride?

i live by the sword—
my laser-taser escort
samurai warlords


I have no ideals—
destiny has its own rules
for robots like me

martian roses—
have more life inside than me
that’s why, I never weep


a cyborg baby—
born in a vat with others
glass curtain of night

now I’m a trooper—
a cold-blooded robocop
sleepless & twisted


my master once said—
I was a nexus model
the best ever made…

“look at you,” he said—
michelangelo’s david
brand-new android boy


I asked the droid muse—
surely the scifaiku lords
knew the true meaning

was I nothing but—
an android in the garden
eve’s nude young lover?


did I feel guilty—
hiding my android prick
behind a fig leaf?

did I feel ashamed—
that I killed many thousands
in the ort cloud war?


was I still virgin—
an 18-year-old killer
a space trooper kid

I was a stranger—
no matter what weird planet
teleported to


I was one of them—
the proud, the few, the android
space marine corps dead

my dna build—
retro-engineered forward
into brave new welt


I’d been cloned for love—
with my evita brown eyes
and marlene lips

i had eva braun’s—
sad last dayz bunker beauty
i spoke fluent deutsch


my luftwaffe dad—
flew messerschmitt rocket ships
all the way to mars

long before orville—
and his brother on the beach
glided the fine waves…


planet earth you know—
was an old nazi planet
for a thousand years

birds of prey—
sleek gaunt stuka lizardly
pterodactyl planes


pretty hyacinths—
replaced by carnivorous
venusian fly traps

sickly war offspring—
were sent back into the night
post-organ transplants


baron harkonnen—
took over oil production
putrid petrol time

big oil planet—
giedi prime global warming
smog trails everywhere


my digital heart—
stirred like a feathered boa
a secret meeting

the screen was pale green—
eucalyptus leaves wilting
in japantown


pacific heights view—
golden gate bridge & the bay
the science fiction space port

abandoned outskirts—
rest of baghdad by the bay
beneath a huge dome


one can see him now—
coldness of the shining moon
against the glass doors

svelte schwarzenegger—
in a sleek helmet looking
distant as the alps


I learned the sadness—
eating ersatz fake
sardines from tin cans

with no more seagulls
flying high up overhead
no more ocean fish


the blue of the sky—
the deep blue of the deep sea
tainted by exxon

bread-basket midwest—
genetically modified
food plagues everywhere


there’s more life they say—
at the bottom of titan’s
deep blue methane seas

than what’s inside me—
my fine reverse engineered
cold corporate cock


I can’t remember—
the sight of my mother or
father either…

only test tube love—
slimy eyes & suction lips
dead lonely as stones


thru the dark night streets—
robot drones glide overhead
red beady slit-eyes

weary faces line—
the dirty sidewalks outside
the soylent green stores

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