Friday, January 21, 2011

Dead Planet LI

Dead Planet LI

love and violence!”

scifaiku film noir—
can be a tasty genre
guns, sex, violence

male femmes fatales get—
downright douchebag addictive
what else is new tho?

gun crazy boyfriends—
can be big trouble for you
if you’re a whiner…

john dall’s a whiner—
whines all the time about it
this, that, his girlfriends

he’s the kinda guy—
gets taken advantage of
hook, line and sinker

it’s young sci-fi meat—
male femme fatale bottom
beneath the blue moon

i’m peggy cummins—
i be top for poor john dall
my whiny bottom

it makes you wonder—
about young couples in crime
like bonny and clyde

that pic of bonny—
propped up on the bent fender
their getaway ford…

bonny looks pretty—
damn butchy if you like ask me
refreshingly svelte

gangster molls as boss—
kunt crime for a fuckin’ change
bonny and peggy…
both my femmes fatales—
gangster ladies of the night
film noir skanky dames

it doesn’t help much—
that john doll’s so butt-ugly
like pretty boy floyd

there was this cute guy—
i like met in the ghost mall
he whined all the time

it got so bad that—
i slipped a big pillowcase
down over his head

he whined about sex—
like wanting it all the time
like twice in a row

he whined about love—
up early in the morning
and at night in bed

he whined about spice—
he whined about giedi prime
it got on my nerves

the only reason—
why i liked him was because
he had a big gun

a big ray-gun—
i was gun-crazy for it
his hot 12-inch rod

he was my gunsel—
i was a sucker for it
his sleek black luger

he packed a heater—
he was so well-endowed that
he limped bow-legged

gimme your ray-gun—
i’d say to the smirky kid
let’s shoot your brains out

i was a sucker—
for the kid’s android hot lead
his silver bullets

he was good at it—
good at shooting his brains out
all the way to mars

whined like a baby—
as i drained his ray-gun dry
dry to the droid bone

his former girlfriend—
took advantage of him bad
she was aggressive
she was like bonny—
she had a streak of s & m
she was just awful

she played in a band—
her favorite thing was to
get him good in bed

wearing her big dick—
her nice hot strap-on dildo
tying it on tight

she get him real good—
her electric vibrator
up against the wall

its neat sweet built-in—
deadly taser beam big head
zapping the kid good

he got off on it—
so she turned up the voltage
and fried him in bed!!!

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