Dead Planet XLVIII

Dead Planet XLVIII

humanoid androids—
were popular way back then
on tralfamadore

scifaiku poets—
like the wise young basho
wrote humanoid lit

krell stem cell research—
and reverse engineering
designed perfect toys

cute android boy toys—
genetically altered droids
built for your pleasure

simply flip a switch—
so long desperate housewives
douchedroid boyz so hot

humanoid boy toys—
a popular dark model
very well-endowed

across the universe—
from the sleek rings of saturn
to ganymede town

from red plains of mars—
to the slave pits of titan
douchedroid dildos ruled

multi-channel clips—
drifting in & out of time
droid soap-operas

down there on terra—
many spacewives so happy
morphed into droid love

terraformed timelines—
tralfamadorian scripts
zits on the zeitgeist

pick your own time-slot—
leave it to douchedroid high tech
total recall cheap!!!

that’s what basho did—
a little side-step in time
back to the sixties

embedding himself—
synchronicity schmoozing
new scenario

thanks to scifaiku—
swiping his memo-card clean
and starting again…

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