The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

The day—the earth stood still
My alien boyfriend—made love to me
He was the cutest grey—I’d ever seen

He had lizard skin—big iguana eyes
When he said something—his lips didn’t move
He was telepathic—he had the hots for me

Gort brought me—back to life
Took me back to the—art deco spaceship
Up the ramp—there in the baseball park

Déjà vu came back to me—my eyes opened up
Klaatu barada nikto —the magic words
And there he was—my interstellar baby

When he touched me—I almost fainted
Sexy intergalactic galvanic skin-response
He gave me a Krell mind-boost—right up my ass

“You Earth boyz—are so easy,” he said
He had a sleek Vandal of the Void Venus-torso
Around him lost time—oozed de rigueur

“Take me to your leader,” he said
“There ain’t any,” I smirked and shrugged
“There’s Elvis at the 7-Eleven, I suppose”

He took me for a spin—a solar system ride
The pretty Rings of Saturn—went spinning by
The Red Sands of Mars—after their great war

He took me to the Moon—ruined and wrecked
The Dark Star that—finally got us all here
Exo-history—ain’t a very pretty story, baby

When it came for him—to say goodbye
Michael Rene and Patricia Neal—cried and cried
He waved goodbye to us—interdimensionally

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