Innerspace (1987)

Kenneth Tobey and Martin Short in Innerspace

Innerspace (1987)

“It’s okay to play with it, fella—
but you don’t have to talk to it”
—Kenneth Tobey, Innerspace

One of Hollywood’s funniest quotes—
Uttered by Kenneth Tobey the star of
The Thing from Another World (1953)

The tough military guy in Howard Hawk’s
Circle-the-wagon sci-fi movie about an
Alien monster lurking in the North Pole

Tobey makes the wisecrack in a bathroom
Scene with Martin Short taking a pee in
Innerspace—talking to Dennis Quaid who’s

Been shrunk and injected into Short’s body
Traveling along in his bloodstream in an
Adventurous bumpy-ride spy-spook flick

“But what if it did talk back?” I asked myself
What if David Icke—the Conspiracy writer
Was right?—it’s all Reptilian Consciousness?

That Earth is actually—Garden of Eden Planet?
That Eve did make a Snaky Deal after all—
With the devil in reptilian disguise?

Without getting louche—it’s the penis, folks
That’s the real alien Third Encounter for us
Exo-politics = serpentine alien sexuality

We’ve all heard stories—about abductions
The greys doing lovely sexual examinations
Taking egg and sperm samples—and all that

Think about it—like reverse engineering
Go backward in time—to homeless hominids
Baboon boyz—and Neanderthal gang bangs

If there were an advanced civilization—
Lasting for millions of years here on Earth
Wouldn’t you call it reptilian Lost Knowledge?

Wouldn’t you really dig the Jurassic—
One big Dinosaur Planet—going on forever
Call it Jurassic Park—Nightmare Eden Disco?

But what if there was some disaster—
A meteor strike—like The Tunguska Event
Wiping out everything—worse than Siberia?

Bye-bye to all the lovely reptilian creatures-
Beautiful soaring Pterodactyls way up high?
Graceful savage mean monstrous Masosaurs?

After the nuclear winter was over—
Wouldn’t you work at making Planet Earth
A new Garden of Eden—all over again?

This time playing it a little different—
Choosing a more adaptable species to be?
Something less tyrannical Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Something more petite—pleasurable
Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?
Tree of Lost Knowledge—in the groin?

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