Spanking Sarah Jane

Spanking Sarah Jane

I know it sounds perverted—and oh so sick
But sometimes he’d let me—spank “Sarah Jane”
After all his nice fine ass—needed some attention
Dwayne Jerome was into—the Fine Art of S&M
In fact we spanked each other—all the Time

I’d bend him over my knees in the water bed
One slap on his fine tight ass—caused tidal waves
Up and down we’d go—all the way to Buffalo
All the way to Mozambique—his nice black ass
My tongue up there—in his Heart of Darkness

What can I say—what can I do to make up for it?
The travesty of all that spilt youthful Testosterone?
The shameless long drawn-out Sacrileges of Love?
A tablespoon a day—to keep Freudenschade away?
Letting me at least taste—how Dwayne Jerome felt?

How many times—did I choke on Innocence?
Innocence was something—Jerome didn’t have
It was like Come Back Sheba—never coming back
Jerome didn’t walk—he slithered like a Snake
Wrapping his legs around my neck—strangling me

I got him a black silk kimono—with pink fuchsias
Rather than him walking around nude all the time
That Cadillac Love of his—so very distracting
I’d rather have it covered—by black & pink silk

Than feel weak in my knees—all the time

We watched movies—Nosferatu and Dracula
Jerome smirking at Bela—all those Dracula movies
For him it was all about—more than bloodsucking
After all wasn’t I the nefarious—Dracula’s Daughter
Famished Hungarian Countess Marya Zaleska?

Bug-eyed outer space creeps—like The Thing
Mad insectoid monsters—like Them and Tarantula
Giant rabid starved rats—Attack of the Giant Shrews
Ancient Jurassic lizards—Creatures from Black Lagoons
They were all losers—compared with Jerome in bed

“The horror! The horror!”—said Joseph Conrad
In The Heart of Darkness—the River was a Snake
It fascinated Marlow—drove Kurtz toward the edge
Jerome became his own seductive—Snake Charmer
Years of self-fellatio—Afro-Abominations!!!

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